Get Back on Your Feet
And Into the Driver's Seat

Don’t let credit problems hold you back! At Owings Auto, we can get you approved for a bad credit car loan because we make all financing and credit decisions on site, on the spot, personally. We listen to your story and understand what you need – the vehicle you want. You won’t wait around wondering if you’re approved while you still need a vehicle. We can approve you today!

No matter your credit history, we can help. Anything in your past does not affect your future. Even if you have previous repossessions, a recent divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or any other credit blemish, we are here to secure your future.

Approval is easy at Owings Auto; all you need is proof of income (at least $1,500 net, per month) and proof of residence. That’s it!

At Owings Auto, we provide a buy here, pay here used car dealership experience focused on you, because we understand what’s important to you. Our credit specialists find financing that improves your credit score, which reduces your costs to borrow.

We will help you rebuild your credit, and take the first steps to rebuild your dreams.

All You Need:

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Online Application

Personal Information

Current Employment

Second Job or Other Income

Current Residence

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