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Toyota, Honda, & Hyundai Offer Excellent Reliable Models to Buy Used

Buying a used car has a completely new challenge compared to buying a new car. The process is not without its challenges, but that’s why we offer our knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect used car for you. Check out our top three used car brands and models and why we think they might be the perfect fit for you.

If you’re a loyal Toyota buyer, then you can’t go wrong with the 2007 Toyota Prius and the 2007 Toyota Matrix. Other than the amazing fuel efficiency you’ll get (44 mpg on some models), you don’t have to plug this type of car in to get the benefit of electrical power on top of its gas powered engine. Also the good news is that a 2007 Prius can go for under $10K.

Next, the 2011-2013 Honda Fit has turned some heads, as it’s the perfect compact car, carrying a surprising amount of cargo and offering great gas mileage. This model is safe, reliable, and can go for under $10K if you find one that hasn’t already been sold. It’s basically a better version of the Ford Focus hatchback that you can drive for much longer without having to worry about repairs.

Another make and model that has caught the attention of smart, used car buyers is the Hyundai Accent. You can get 31 MPG on this model with plenty of legroom in the front and a peppy 138-horsepower, 4-cylinder engine that punches above its weight class. With the right dealer, you can also find a lower price tag on one of these, even often below the $10K mark.

Finally, one of the best used sedans that buyers look out for and tend to sell fast on the lot are Mazda 3s. The 2009-2012 models have gotten some of the highest marks all around for price, comfort, and power. Think of a more spacious and comfortable ride than the Hyundai Accent, all while keeping great fuel economy at 32 MPG. Since these are so popular and sought after, you’ll sometimes pay more than you would for a Hyundai Accent or Honda Fit, but it’s worth the extra money and should be a model to look for first when browsing a dealer’s inventory.

Models To Beware Of When Shopping For Reliable Used Cars

And as far as stinker cars to avoid when shopping used, some of the most common models you hear complaints about are the Chevy Cruze & Uplander, Ford Fiesta, the Chrysler PT Cruiser, and the Volkswagen New Beetle. As mentioned above, buying a less-than-desirable used car can lead to more repairs in the future, all while risking safety, comfort, or gas mileage. You’ve probably seen a run-down PT Cruiser on the road and know exactly why these models have such poor ratings.

So for any smart, used car buyer who is concerned about a low credit score, the models listed above are your best bets for getting the most out of your precious dollars. It’s not just comfort or MPG to look for, but the full spectrum of what makes a reliable car. And the advantage of buying used is that there’s a lot of data on which to base your decision, as well as thousands of owners who can comment on their experience. When buying used, it is best to be informed but also open to models that pop up on the lot that could be a great buy.

Don’t Let Your Credit Score Keep You From Buying The Best Used Car

Buying a used or pre-owned car is a great option if your credit score is below average or you’re trying to save money while replacing an older car that’s on its last leg. The good news is that a bit of research and planning can go a long way in making a smart car buying decision.

First, don’t buy a car that’s too old. This may be tempting because of the lower price tag, but older cars are naturally more likely to cause problems that require repairs. The risk is too great to justify the price tag.

With that said, Consumer Reports publishes plenty of data on the good and the bad of most cars, so that’s a great place to start. First, the most important metric to look for is reliability. This is the secret ingredient that keeps a used car running for you when other, less reliable cars will fail. You want a car that you can trust and not have to spend money on for a long while, so make sure it’s a car that runs long after its first trip out of the car lot.

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