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The “buy here pay here” System Helps Work Around Credit Issues

Buying a car is a milestone for adults across the country. A car can be a launching pad to a better job, a much-needed resource for a new family, or simply a reward for years of hard work. For some car buyers, a low credit score can initially feel like a stumbling block on the path to owning an automobile. After all, many traditional financing providers will deny funds to applicants whose credit score falls below a certain threshold.

If you have discovered that traditional financing isn’t the right choice for you, other choices are still available. In fact, you may be eligible for dealer financing with the “buy here pay here” system that skips traditional lenders and allows you to negotiate a repayment plan directly with the dealer in question.

So, what exactly is dealer financing and how does the “buy here pay here” model work? Some car dealerships will allow prospective buyers to finance their purchase on terms that traditional lenders may not allow. For example, a buyer with a low credit score may be able to finance their car purchase through the dealer by agreeing to higher monthly payments compared to traditional lenders. Essentially, this type of negotiation with the dealer is the foundation of all “buy here pay here” financing transactions.

In order to get approved for this type of financing at Owings Auto, your first step should be to speak directly with the onsite team. Explain which vehicle you are interested in purchasing, and ask to learn more about your options regarding “buy here pay here” financing. Transparency and honesty are always advised in situations like this. Make sure that you explain in detail your current financial situation so that the perfect payment plan can be created for you. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have had. Buying a car is always a big step – make sure it starts off on the right foot!

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