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Will My Credit Affect a Buy Here Pay Here Approval Decision?

You need a car, but your credit has taken a hit, making it difficult (or seemingly impossible) to secure an auto loan from a traditional bank. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, as most people have periods in their life when their credit is less than perfect—but does that mean you’ll have to rely on public transportation until you get your credit sorted out?

With our buy here pay here car lot right here in Arlington, you’ll be able to drive away in a safe, reliable car even if your credit isn’t the best right now.

So does buy here pay here depend on your credit? The general answer is: While some dealerships may take a look at your credit, approvals are pretty much guaranteed as long as you meet minimum income requirements, which are quite low. The Owings Auto answer is: As long as you have $1,500 a month in net income and residence, you can be approved!

Are Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans a Good Idea?

Buy here pay here options are typically a better choice than other types of bad credit car loans. In fact, they are an excellent option for some buyers and offer important benefits such as:

A Way to Purchase Reliable Transportation

The most obvious benefit is that you’ll be able to purchase a quality vehicle. You won’t have to worry about how you’ll get to work, pick up the kids, or do your grocery shopping because you’ll have the car, truck, SUV, or minivan you need.

The Chance to Rebuild Credit

Some car dealers that offer BHPH financing report the transaction to the credit bureaus—and this is great news for you! One problem with having bad credit is that you can’t get loans. When you can’t get loans, you can’t rebuild your credit, so the circle continues. A loan from Owings Auto buy here pay here car lot helps you with your immediate need of a car and also helps your long-term need of rebuilding your credit.

Easy Application/Approval Process

You may be able to find another bad credit car loan, but it’s a hassle. Plus, even after finding companies that accept a low credit score, filling out several applications, and sending in all sorts of documentation, you may still end up with no loan—and no car.  At a buy here pay here lot like Owings Auto, the process is MUCH simpler. Just fill out a short application, we approve your for easy in-house financing, and you drive away. It really is that simple.

A Proven Reputation for Trustworthy Transactions

Some buy here pay here car lots have developed a less-than-stellar reputation while others, such as Owings Auto, are known for providing outstanding services.

Hundreds of positive Google reviews and Facebook reviews from satisfied customers tell our story and make it clear that this is an excellent place to do business.

We know you’re more than an arbitrary score, so stop by today to get the treatment you deserve. The Owings Auto team looks forward to getting you in the ideal vehicle today!

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