Common Questions About
Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships

What is a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot?

A Buy Here Pay Here dealership offers personalized financing options at the dealership rather than through a bank or credit union. That means you make your payments at the dealership where you bought the car. At Owings Auto, we can approve you for an easy in-house, bad-credit car loan on site, in person, on the spot at our dealership in Arlington, TX.

Does Buy Here Pay Here Depend on My Credit?

Owings understands our customers are more than just a credit score. Instead of using only your credit history like traditional banks and car dealerships to make financing approval decisions, we focus on your current income and financial situation to help you get the auto financing you need. All you need to be approved as Owings Auto is $1,500 net income per month and proof of residence!

How Does Buy Here Pay Here Financing Work?

At Owings Auto, we look at your current financial situation to approve you for a car loan. Your credit score is not a factor – we only care about your future and helping you get into the driver’s seat!

How Can I Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

If a traditional bank or car dealership has denied you for an auto loan, then Owings Auto might be perfect for you! No matter your credit score or history, you can get approved for a car loan at Owings Auto with proof of $1,500 net income per month and residence – that’s it!

Do I Qualify for Financing at Owings Auto?

If you have $1,500 net income per month and proof of residence, then yes, you qualify for financing at Owings Auto. Your financial past is not a factor and you don’t have to worry about being denied by a big company who has never met you or heard your story. At Owings Auto, we are here to help you!

Is Buy Here Pay Here a Good Idea?

Owings Auto is perfect if you need a vehicle but need someone to help you buy it because of bad credit history or anything else in your past. We only care about your future.

Can I buy a car without credit history?

Many consumers may wonder where to buy a car with no credit history at all. Owings Auto does not rely on your credit history like a traditional bank or car dealership would. Instead, we choose to focus on your future. The only things you need to secure a car loan are $1500 in net income and proof of residence.

Where is Owings Auto located?

Owings Auto is located at 519 E. Division Street in historic downtown Arlington, TX. We’re just a few blocks north from City Hall and Levitt Pavilion.

Can I Buy a Car With a Small Down Payment?

Traditional dealerships often require hefty down payments from drivers with less-than-perfect credit. At Owings Auto we can get you into the driver's seat with a low down payment no matter what your credit score is.

Is Buying a Used Car a Good Idea?

Buying a used car can be a good idea, because it offers drivers the chance to enjoy the features and performance of a newer car without absorbing the drop in value due to first-year depreciation. Every vehicle at Owings Auto comes with a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.

Do Buy Here Pay Here Lots Do Credit Checks?

No, Buy Here Pay Here car lots don’t perform credit checks. Owings Auto offers flexible in-house finance and we can get you approved without the hassle of a credit check.

Is It A Good Time to Buy A Car?

Right now is one of the best times for drivers to buy a car. Owings Auto can offer low payments and warranty coverage at no additional cost on every car we sell!

Do Used Cars Come With A Warranty?

Every used car from Owings Auto comes with a 12 month, 12K mile warranty at no additional cost to you. Used cars from other car dealerships don’t always come with a warranty, although in certain cases the manufacturer warranty may still apply.

Do Used Cars Have Lower Payments?

The monthly payments on a used car are almost always lower than what you would pay for a brand new car. Buying a used car can be a great way to save money. Owings Auto has a wide selection of vehicles with low monthly payments.

Can I Finance A Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Yes, you can finance a pre-owned vehicle. Owings Auto provides personalized in-house financing for every vehicle on our lot, along with a 12 year, 12,000 mile warranty!

How does in-house financing work?

Traditional car dealerships work with a bank or outside lender to finance vehicles based on your credit score. Owings Auto is different because we are able to consider your unique situation and offer you personalized financing options at the dealership. Once you are approved for a no-hassle car loan in person you will make your payments to the dealership where you bought the car.

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